Staying at home has turned me into a connoisseur of political podcasts. I think because at times being home can seem isolating, I feel an almost compulsive need to stay in touch with what is happening in the world. But two weeks ago I hit an inflection point. Domestic politics got too depressing, I had […]

This Year

No, but seriously.  I’ve been taking an exceptional number walks.  It’s a problem. i baked this cake for my friend’s birthday, then ate the entire thing by myself One thing that really isn’t helping is the fact that my sister is literally posting pictures of her abs on social media.  Because she has abs to post, not […]


I am not going to talk about how I’ve felt like I’m going to barf for three days straight, because I know I am far from alone in this.  Go visit your Facebook feed if you need confirmation. But I am going to say one thing.  Because it’s hard to say nothing. In 2014 I started […]

Guess who’s back…Back again…

If there are two things I love they are sugar and Trader Joe’s impenitent attitude towards knockoffs.  (These things aren’t even that delicious, but I could easily eat 1500 calories of them within an hour.  And sometimes I do.  Accidentally.  Like today.) …which in no way segues into bringing the blog back to life!  Welcome back friends!  It feels good to be […]


THE SCENE: DINNER TABLE – LAST NIGHT – END OF DINNER HH: MILK! I WANT MILK! Me: That isn’t how you ask, you can be nicer. Paul: Should we give her milk or maybe some I-C-E-C-R-E-A-M? Me: I really don’t think she needs– HH: NO, MOMMY!  I WANT ICE CREAM! Paul: How does she know that???? […]

Back for the Holidays

…and we’re back, by popular demand. The past few months have been this: HH: Ariel’s eyes are BLUE! Me: They are! What color are Mom’s eyes? HH: Uuuuh…red!! Me: Red?!??!  No… HH: Oh…umm…pink? I’ve also been spending an offensive amount of time in Target shopping for Desitin. For these reasons, not only has putting a sentence together […]