When I was 23 I moved to the Czech Republic to teach English.  It was one of the more impulsive decisions I ever made, but also one of the better ones, if only for these text message I found written in an old journal while I was digging through the garage looking for a book today:

From a student (no romance here at all, just wanted to hang out again):
Hi Meagan, today I am going to Alps for four days.  I would like to see you again after coming back.  If you will agree.  Your presence is charming. 

From another student, regarding a billiard hockey team called Dragons Brno, of which he was a member (I still haven’t figured out exactly what billiard hockey is):
Dragons Brno has  9 wins 1 deal  0 lost. Is it great season?  YES,IT IS GREAT ,deffinitly.
WE are on the first place.We are the champions for year.

From the lifeguard at the pool, who scouted me to swim for a local Czech team, in response to a text I sent him letting him know I was on my way to a meet in Vienna:
Good luck my little white delfin!

And, a personal favorite, from another friend, heading to a party at my apartment:
I am coming, can you describe to me where is your castle?

DSC01565An ad for a tanning salon called Solarium Oranjito.  No translation needed.


Brno, CZ

Sorry for the lack of activity up in these parts, last week was a busy week: I was in Louisville for the annual Idea Festival (yes, Cesar Milan was there, and no, I didn’t get to hear his talk…but I did pass him walking down the street with his dog), and Paul turned 30 (I got him a new iPod nano and a book on canning and making preserves.  Because he’s been talking about it for months.  Yes, for reals.)

So anyway, random, but in thinking about how old we’re all getting, it crossed my mind this weekend that 7 years ago this month I took my enormous green suitcase (“the size of a house”, according to my friend Jen) and hopped on a plane to move to Prague. 7 YEARS AGO.  What.

I was thinking about getting old and different phases of life…but writing about deep thoughts isn’t really my forte.  Then yesterday, serendipitously, out of the blue, my college roommate Margaret sent me the link of her cousin’s blog (her cousin is a travel writer), where I found a nice little post that pretty much sums it all up.  And coincidentally happens to be about Prague…though it could be about anywhere.  So I will let her deal with the sap.