…is over.  And after the last month+ being mostly gray and gross, the first day of 2014 was pretty glorious by January in Kentucky standards.  Clear clear skies and mild wind.  Wintery glory.

And so, a day or three behind every other blogger out there (because that is how I roll), a brief 2013 recap:



I did exactly one: the NYC ING half marathon in April.  Kind of a sad list considering the past few years, but this trip to New York was awesome and so was the run.



…died.  And/or were killed by us (as humanely as possible) or wild animals.  Or at least two of them were.  One of them went to live on a big farm where she can run free and play with other chickens all day long.  No, seriously, she did.



Had one.  Was a little miffed that, although I delivered in August, in Kentucky, I was never offered a sufferin’ towel.



Pretty successful, if relatively uneventful, year for the garden.  Never found a better solution for turnips than mashing them up and serving with butter.


KKAtattoo2pic via

Still here.  Still kickin ass.  (Proof: here.)

To cap it all off, I celebrated NYE with Spike, Nerlens, and HH at home (Paul is still traveling for residency interviews) and took exactly two pictures to commemorate the occasion.

IMG_20140101_202854Nerlens making it really difficult for me to take advantage of some quiet time with my book

IMG_20140101_202744…and HH totally enthralled by Frances Ha.

Wow.  With all of these monumental events it’s a wonder this blog doesn’t have more traffic.

In summary, 2013 was a pretty great year for me on a personal level.  Looking forward to the next one, though.  Think it might be even better.

Happy 2014.