The 7 Things

In an effort to remind myself what it’s like to socialize, I was revisiting an episode from This American Life that was published by Sarah Koenig years ago that discusses proper conversation etiquette (I think this was pre-Serial).  Sarah’s mother, who is British, had a French friend with a strict set of rules when it came to etiquette and spent much of Sarah’s youth instilling in her a list of 7 topics that should just be off the table when it comes to socializing.

They are:

  1. How you slept
  2. Your period
  3. Your diet
  4. How you feel
  5. What you dreamed about last night
  6. Money
  7. Route talk (what route you took to get to where you are)

The reason you don’t discuss these things is because nobody cares. Which is…correct.

And yet somehow, I came to realize, if my friends and I didn’t talk about these things, the only thing that would be left is….maybe our kids (which will inevitably lead to #s1, 3 and/or 4). Like, this list pretty much encompasses the entirety of what our daily Marco Polo discussions include. (Except for #5, and I break the rules all the time on #5.  Because unlike everyone else, my dreams are fascinating.)

Also, clearly whoever made this list has never spent time in LA.

But seriously, when you are coming out of a year shut inside, with no shared experiences with anyone other than close family, WHAT DO YOU TALK ABOUT??? (Besides podcasts and books and shows that your friends should watch, which….I am so guilty of and part of me feels should be included on this list.)

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