Hike #9: (Urban Hike #3): SF Beer Week (Guest blogger)

Location: San Francisco (SOMA, Mission, Lower Haight)

Distance: 6 miles (planned…actual – much, much shorter)

Entry fee: $0

Stop #1 - Anchor and Hope

Hello to the Meggawho Blogosphere!  Molly here guest blogging for Hike #9, which Meagan unfortunately missed.  Be nice, I’m an engineer by profession and haven’t written much since college, so bear with me.  I’ll do my best to be as witty and informative as Meagan.

I received an email from a friend informing me that SF Beer Week was happening and we decided that it would be a great theme for an urban hike.  For once, we planned our route early enough to have a bunch of friends join us.  Everything was set until the very last minute when Meagan had to leave early for Santa Cruz and nurse her poison oak butt.  However, that didn’t stop the rest of us from foraging on ahead without our fearless leader!  Allie and I got out of work early, so we decided to add the Anchor and Hope event to the hike.  I started the crawl with a delicious Czech Pilsner that has been brewed in since 1008.


Next, we walked to City Beer Store – a fun little place with a wide selection of bottled beer that you can buy beers for either to go, or you can pay a fee and enjoy it right in the store.  Next,  we were set to meet Meagan’s replacement,  Paul, at Rosamunde in the Mission…and since we thought we were in a hurry to meet him there,we decided to skip this leg of the walk and cab it over.   Here, we had a specially tapped Stone IPA that I paired with my beer sausage dinner.  Deeeelish. After fueling up at Rosamunde, we noticed our walk to Toronado was quite far and decided to get a beer to go.  At the next corner store we got a Bud Light tall boy, which we split into the To-Go cups that Allie so thoughtful brought with her from work.  But, after a few blocks of walking and the tall boy almost gone, we hopped into a cab.

Toronado ended up being the designated meeting place for a few more friends, which was great, but kinda derailed the remaining two stops on our hike.  Oh well.  While at Toronado, the Edel-Weiss beers were flowing and we started to miss our blogger extraordinaire.  So, with the aid of my awesome and handy Droid, we sent her a series of photos and texts so she wouldn’t miss out.

Having Fun
But sad at the same time (we missed you, Meagan!)

Hike #8: failure on actually “hiking,” but a success in enjoying delicious beers for SF Beer week

Lessons learned: without Meagan, I’m pretty lazy and can be talked out of actually “hiking” on an urban hike

Flora and Fauna: allie f, paul h, chrissy, allie c, ferg, carl, brian, and paul b:  awesome friends to have beers with on a Friday night.

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