Hike #9.5: (Urban Hike #3.5): Western Addition Dinner Hike (Guest blogger)

Location: San Francisco (Western Addition)

Distance: 0.5 miles (I actually google mapped it)

Entry fee: $0

It’s Guest Blogger, Molly, again!  Meagan, Chrissy, Michelle and I planned on having dinner at the Bean Bag Café to catch up and hang out.  Meagan and I needed to get some more hikes in, so we planned a SF Beer Week Hike Part 2 to hit all the bars we didn’t the first time around.  We had a 6 mile route planned, but the actual hike was going to depend on Meagan’s poison oak and how far she could comfortably walk.  Guess the poison oak was feeling really lazy, so it called upon a skin infection to break Meagan out in hives and send her to emergency care.  SF Beer Week Hike Part 2: Cancelled.

The three of us met for dinner anyways, which was quite tasty.  Afterwards, Michelle left to go back to work (boo) but, we had a few hours before Chrissy had to go to a concert at the Independent, so we started a crawl of our own.  We walked a block south on Divis to Madrone, where we both had a beer and enjoyed people watching (strange people in shorts and wasted wobbly people at 7pm).  After hydrating at Madrone, we geared up for our arduous 4 block walk to Candybar.  We walked in, but weren’t feeling the wine and cheese plate vibe, so we moved on.  We hiked another block to Bar 821, which would end up being our final destination.

Hike #9.5: short, but sweet.

Lessons learned: every 0.003 miles counts, as Meagan so succinctly texted us from emergency care

Flora and Fauna: brown sugar cubes at Bar 821 look like croutons, but why would croutons be sitting in a bowl at a bar?

One thought on “Hike #9.5: (Urban Hike #3.5): Western Addition Dinner Hike (Guest blogger)

  1. Work = BOOO. Sorry I had to skip out early. Let’s plan a dog-friendly hike next and I’ll bring Cooper along.

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