Argentina–our longest hike yet

(More pictures to follow shortly, we forgot to bring the cord that connects the camera to the computer…of course.)

So, because I already have the site set up, and because we are planning on doing some hiking down here, and because Molly is coming to visit, and just because, I am extending this blog beyond the original 60 mile radius to include our ambulating in South America.  And on this rainy Saturday morning, our second day in Buenos Aires, I figured now might be the best time to start.

We arrived in Lima late Tuesday night and spent all of Wednesday there.  Our flight from Peru to Buenos Aires was Thursday morning and we got to our SUPER SICK apartment (which we rented through AirBNB) on Thursday night.  On Monday Jesus will be joining us, followed by Molly in early June.

On our first day here we walked a total of about 9 miles (which should totally count as an urban hike…even though probably about 3 of those miles were inadvertent) and managed to make it down to the Plaza de Mayo, see the Casa Rosada, get completely lost walking around Palermo after dark, and witness a death on the street (a woman was hit by a car).  Eventful/traumatizing so far.

We will be in this apartment until early July, then Paul and I will head over to Peru and do the Machu Picchu trip that I won last winter.  

That’s the plan, more to come.

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