Sick Moves

I attended the wedding of a family friend this weekend with Paul’s family (where we were seated at the German table, because the family of the bride thought it was hilarious….and super fun for the 2 of us sitting there that didn’t speak German…to sit all the foreigners’ families together).  Somewhere in between the German conversations, Makers Mark, and moving rendition of Hillbilly Deluxe by the groom and his friends, we realized the array of dance moves you can pull off with one arm stuck at a 90 degree angle is kind of amazing.  Here are a few.

The Twist:

Stop In The Name of Love:

The crowd favorite, The Sprinkler (a modified version):

The Robot:

The Ahnold:

And the Hillbilly Jig (poor shot but believe me, you can do it):

The Lawnmower and Truck Driver also work, but didn’t get caught on film.  And I’m throwing this picture in here just because the two guys in the background were in such fine form:

A+.  Kentucky weddings rule.

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