World Equestrian Games Come to Town

Git your horses ready…the World Equestrian Games are in Kentucky.  These are the World Championships for equestrian events and are held once every 4 years…so it’s basically the Olympics for equestrians.  This is a very big deal, primarily because this is the first time ever that the games have been held in the US (apparently equestrian events like dressage, vaulting, eventing, jumping, and reining are super popular in Europe…and no one here knows what they are.)  Lexington has set up a city full of vendors, exhibits, etc at the Kentucky Horse Park a few miles outside of downtown.  So my sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and I headed out on a beautiful Friday to check it out.

They had all sorts of booths and demos set up to pay homage to the bright stars of Kentucky and highlight some of the equestrian events, including:

Pedro, the dancing horse (this guy’s story is pretty amazing):

The most famous Kentuckian (except for maybe Muhammad Ali), the Colonel:

The art of horse-tail braiding:

Obviously coal, the future of Kentucky:

Another no-brainer, bourbon:

…and meet Molly, the tiny horse with a fake leg.

Her story is kind of amazing, she was a Katrina victim that someone found, and a doctor that made human prosthetics decided to help her out with a leg.  Yeah.

We also saw a reenactment of the Sound of Music by gymnasts in full costume doing flips on horses (a demo of vaulting, apparently), $800 cowboy boots, and a video of a horse giving birth (which I really didn’t need to see.)

Overall, pretty cool, head over there if you’re in the area and take a look.  Lots to learn.


My new boyfriend, who also happens to model horse-riding underwear (sorry Paul)



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