On the run

I went for my first run last week since Argentina.  It had been 3 months since my last run, and after many many weeks on the couch I got excited.  So excited, in fact, that I signed up for a half marathon in December with an old colleague from grad school before I even went on my first run.   (And no, we didn’t realize that it was NASCAR theme until after we decided to sign up…it just reconfirmed we were making the right decision.)

So, I headed out on my easy, mellow, slow 3 mile jog pretty amped about being back in the game.  I made it about 15 minutes before I bent over double and almost barfed. Since then, I’ve run 5 more times.  It’s gotten marginally better.  On my four miler today I didn’t feel like barfing until 20 minutes in.

This half marathon should be great.

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