Cook, Pray, Run

Being new in town and unemployed, where the one person I do know well is attempting to survive the first year of med school, while living in a small apartment with very little furniture (our living room is 2 chairs), no internet, no TV, and few working appliances…I need to get out, find ways to maximize my enjoyment during this rare period of time off.

And so, in the spirit of productivity and enjoying my (hopefully) short-lived freedom, my days have been (and will continue to be) devoted to three central activities:

  • Cook:  I am not a good cook.  But I am going to be.  I have been trying to make sure Paul has dinner every night when he gets home (because, well, I am a lady that lunches, and that is what we do).  For both his and my own sake, I am committing myself to improving my technique…through practice.  I am cooking a different meal (that requires more than throwing bread and cheese or something frozen in the toaster oven) at least 5 nights a week.
  • Pray: for a job.
  • Run: I have that half marathon in December.  Instead of just trying to finish it (which was my original goal, considering I didn’t exercise at all for over 3 months), I have decided I am going to try to PR it…which may not be as impressive as it sounds, considering the only other half-marathons I’ve ran were 1.) with a friend who walked part of it, and 2.) the day after Halloween in San Francisco.

And coaching (but that messes up my title, and it’s a job, so I left that out.) Not a bad way to spend your day.   Anyone who’s around is welcome to join in the trifecta.

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