It’s 3pm

And a holiday.  With no school.  But still work for both parents.  Which meant four hours in the pool with clients this morning for me, and a husband at the hospital until 8pm.  And a toddler newly recovered from a really brutal 5-day stomach virus that apparently turned her into a Snow White humanoid with superhuman […]

Stay Wild

I never take selfies (“WHY??” I hear your collective mental chorus screaming, as you take in the above shot).  And no, before you ask, that picture has not been photoshopped.  That is me in my natural state about 3 minutes ago.  No makeup, no fancy filters.  In my PJs. All. Natural. Even the eye bags.  #blessed But […]

Tomatoes Gone Wild

I just don’t even know what to do.  The tomatoes are taking over not just the garden but that entire section of yard.  That sad little plant you see hanging out of the garden box on the bottom right?  Those are our (previously huge) basil plants.  The planter to the right has also been taken […]


Late October no longer means harvesting every last possible green thing before the frost hits.  Things here are growing and growing and growing, and they don’t seem to be slowing down. Our tomato plants are approaching 6 feet.  We’ve got baby straightneck squashes making their way into the world, some huge anaheim peppers ready to be […]

How does your garden grow (Part II)

Like woah. 5 weeks ago now I thought our garden in Kentucky went crazy one year, but it was nothing like this.  Plants loooooove LA weather or soil or something.  Whoever said don’t plant new plants in August should not be listened to.  Our garden is growing like a boss. The basil, two tomato plants (Champion […]

Roundup: Week 10

winter, winter, go away… Monday: rest Tuesday: 4 miles outside after work.  weather was BEAUTIFUL. Wednesday: icy rain and sleet…nothing…again… Thursday: 6 miles on the TM before work Friday: 2.5 mile walk from my house to the inlaws to pick up HH…paul took the car for a trip up to visit some friends Saturday: 8(ish) miles […]