This week’s recipes


  • BBQ sandwiches

I can’t take credit for this one really, Paul came up with a recipe and it rocked. Instructions (straight from Paul):

1. get crock pot
2. get pork tenderloin
3. put pork tenderloin, some onion, garlic and bbq sauce in crock pot
4. cook for 6-8 hours on low



I had a meeting that ran until 7:30pm, so left over barbque sandwiches it was.


I stole this recipe from my friend Vanessa (and her friend Samantha’s) blog (located on my blogroll).  Paul was kind enough to go pick up some ingredients for me, which resulted in a few changes to the recipe:

  • Brown instant rice instead of white regular rice
  • Linenkugel’s Oktoberfest beer instead of Stone Pale Ale (I asked him to get KentuckyAle, but that somehow got lost in translation)
  • 1 cup chicken stock, 2 cups beef broth (instead of chicken broth…misunderstanding, these were all left over from previous recipes, Paul thought we had a lot of chicken broth, but we didn’t)
  • Chicken breasts instead of chicken legs
  • Low sodium tomato sauce (didn’t matter at all, there were so many other spices in there)

Turned out pretty good, as Paul will attest to.  Lots of leftovers.


A pretty good, apparently French salad

Changes included using turkey bacon, no croutons, and a little less swiss cheese than recommended.   Also a delicious chicken noodle soup…from the can.  And some fresh potato rosemary bread from the bakery.

Heading out of town to Michigan again this weekend for a football game with an old coworker from California, so…


…will probably be Taco Bell on the road.  Yum.

We’ll fire up the stove again on Monday.

Go Blue.

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