Garlic + Bacon = Love

Last night in our fridge we had: turkey bacon, cheese, and 2 eggs.  We also had some garlic and a bag of tortellini in the cupboard.  Paul is a master at finding or creating recipes using whatever we have around.  And this night he came up with  Tyler Florence’s Spaghetti alla Carbonara (or some variation of it…Tyler Florence is Paul’s go-to online chef.)   Changes to the recipe include:

  • Turkey bacon torn into pieces (unfortunately it doesn’t really crumble) instead of pancetta
  • One egg instead of 2
  • Tortellini instead of spaghetti
  • No parsley
  • A little less cheese
  • Add a side of cauliflower and broccoli

Voila.  It was actually really, really good.  Quick, easy to make, and delicious.  Nice work Paul.

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