Wedding mags, anyone?

About 2 months ago a photo editor from The Knot emailed me and let me know that The Knot Northern California wanted to run a picture from our wedding in its Spring 2011 issue.  The issue came out last month, so I went online and ordered a few copies, thinking it might be nice to send copies to our parents or Granny or whoever.  When they arrived yesterday I wasn’t home and Paul, not knowing what they were, opened up the box and was like, “Ummm…are you planning on getting married again in the South?”

Northern California…North Carolina….Dammit.

Update: Turns out this was their mistake, not mine.  I called them and they apologized and said the copies or Northern California are on their way.  The box arrived yesterday…4 more copies of North Carolina.  Seriously.

Updated update: Replacement box #2 came, we now have 12 copies of North Carolina.

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