Tornados, Tiaras, and Trifectas

Just another April in Kentucky.


I have spent the past two weeks peering out the window at 2am, looking at the trees bent in half from the wind, telling Paul that we should get in the crawl space under the house (we have no basement.)   Paul has spent the past two weeks mumbling to me half asleep at 2am that no, we should not get in the crawl space, and that I should go back to sleep.  Then last week a friend of mine posted this, taken out the window of his office:

I know this pictures is tiny, for a full version go here 

Next time I am taking Spike and getting in the crawl space.

Actually, I learned that if you don’t have a basement, the best place to go is an internal bathroom with no windows, bring a mattress with you to cover yourself, and either get in the tub or hug the toilet (I guess the plumbing is more likely not to get sucked up or something?)  I have also learned that if a tornado is coming, it sounds like a freight train, so it’s not going to catch you totally off guard (a fact which, strangely enough, has provided me some comfort on those windy nights.)


The royal wedding was great.


The tornadoes cleared up just in time for the last days of Keenland, one of the premiere racing tracks in the country and everyone’s favorite hangout in April and October.   It was my first time here, the weather was absolutely beautiful, and it was packed.

We walked in just before the 5th race with about 4 minutes to post.

I bet $2 on horse #5 to win it all, at 12:1 odds.  He won.  I promptly went and got myself a bourbon.

The next race I bet $3 on a horse with 31:1 odds to show (his name was Ndongo…I had to.)   He got 3rd.  I am amazing.

The last few races weren’t as successful, but you can’t really beat a beautiful day outside at the races with a free bourbon.  I also saw my first Dale Earnhardt tattoo.
Next up: Derby.

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