Happy Labor Day!

Late, I know.

Lexington has been making an effort to do more community events, and the Friday of Labor Day weekend was a good one.  Welcome to the Fest of Ales.

Look at all those beer pourers.  For $25 you got a mini glass and 20 tickets (about 7 beers, if you used them all…which no one did) to try out a whole bunch of different brews.  The whole town was out, it was great.  And people wore great shirts.

Unfortunately, the Fest underestimated how many people would partake (and how many of their pourers would adopt a “one for you, one for me” policy) and ran out of beer a little early.  So a group of us headed to a bar for one more drink.

It was there that I witnessed one of the more amazing mobile apps currently on the market: Roqbot.  For a fee, it lets you re-arrange the order of the queue on the jukebox in a bar.  So obviously Paul’s friend who had the app started playing “Who Let the Dogs Out” every other song.  He is already responsible for having the app banned in 3 bars in town.

Anyway, it was there that things degenerated pretty quickly.

We left before it got too ugly.

The previous week I had told a friend that I would join her on a bike ride Saturday morning with the Bluegrass Cycling Club.  BCC was offering a 10 mile (family ride), 30 mile, and 56 mile option.  My friend and I were doing the 56 mile ride (even though I hadn’t been on my bike since Steelhead, it got a little jacked up on the trip home and I just got it tuned up last week).

Paul was going to do the 30 mile option, since he hadn’t ridden his bike in like 5 months, but after some mild harassment he gave into the 56 miler too.  So we pulled our not-unhungover selves out of bed at 7:30 and headed out to the country.

The weather was gorgeous.

…but then it got hot.  Really hot.  And the shade disappeared.

We were getting baked.  Paul started to suffer.  The last 15 miles weren’t pretty.  The rest of the weekend was recovery.

Oh, and I came in from my run today and decided to turn on the local news while I stretched and this was on TV.

Apparently I’ve been away from local TV for too long, I had NO IDEA stuff like this was seriously still on.  The soundtrack was amazing.

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