Beet it

…and they’re arriving.  Our garden finally started producing vegetables during the month that Paul was in Costa Rica.  Unfortunately, Paul was gone during that month, and I don’t like beets.  So I gave this one to Marsha.

We also have baby watermelons, gallons of tomatoes, peppers, carrots (which Paul thought was parsley, so he picked it too early), cabbage, broccoli (which went bad because I wasn’t sure how to pick it), colonel mint, and strawberries.  The blueberry and raspberry plants are also growing OK, but probably won’t produce any fruit until next year.

RIP corn, lavender, the blackberry plant that Spike ate, and Paul’s edamame that he planted on bald spots IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LAWN (a landscaper unexpectedly cleaned up our back yard last week and mowed over them.  That’s what you get.)

Recipes to follow.

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