What in the what…

It is January 17.  2 days ago there was snow and ice covering the ground.  Today there is a tornado warning.  And it’s 54 degrees.

Below is a video I took from our lunch table, where we were sitting when the storm rolled in (which sucked, because we had to walk back to the office.)  The owner came around and told all of us that if things got worse, we going to have to move to the corridor in the middle of the building.

It doesn’t look that bad on the video through the window, but the winds were up at 50 mph and those chairs sitting on the sidewalk in the bottom right hand corner would have been flying if they weren’t chained down (I actually am posting this more so I can see if it works, this is the first home video I’ve embedded in a post WHAT UP).

In Louisville an EF1 touched down and destroyed some property.  And because I’m from southern California and am terrified of any weather more severe than heavy rain, of course I immediately started reading up on the Fujita scale, CAPE values, the biggest tornados and tornado outbreaks (including the Super Outbreak last spring), tornado myths, and watching tornado videos on You Tube.  This usually doesn’t start until March.

But by mid afternoon:

La la.  NBD.  Just another mid-January day.

There is no such things as bad weather.  Just soft people.

~Bill Bowerman 

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