Drivin down the 101…

Yup, that’s right.  A coworker and I were back in the Bay for the past 5 days (actually 3 days…2 days of all-day traveling, blarf) for a work conference.   In addition to attending the conference, we made a “networking” stop down in Mountain View….

…where they provide their workers with free beer every Friday, have free cafes every 200 yards, and google-colored bikes lying around for people to grab if they need to get across campus.  Big thanks goes out to Jess for the tour.

Saturday afternoon, after two days of conference and a morning meeting, we took a trip over the bridge in PERFECT weather in a drop-top Mini Cooper…

…to Bolinas…

…to chill with some old grad school friends and their babies.

And now we’re back, work is in full force, Paul is in full studying and pickling mode.

Oh, and I changed my hair color.

Happy Monday.

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