Starting tomorrow…pull out that Speedo…it’s February Fitness time!

As a Masters coach I am encouraging one and all to get out there and push your fitness levels this month.  Though I personally am taking a break from hard training due to some chronic injuries that just will not quit (bummer), I still plan on swimming.  Last year I went about 40,000 yards, which is totally beatable.  So there’s goal #1.

Along the same lines of improving overall health/fitness….I have a massive sugar problem.  And apparently sugar is horrifically terrible for you.  So goal #2: cut back on sugar intake.  Eliminating fake sweeteners, avoiding sugary foods during the day, and no candy at all.  It’s a bad habit, time to break it.

And finally, my coworker and I have committed to no bitching this month…which is completely unrelated to physical exertion, but a serious exercise in mental fitness.

And there it is. February Fitness.  Go get ’em.

4 thoughts on “Sugarbomb

  1. Good luck! My new years resolution was to cut out artificial sweeteners! But can’t cut out sweets now bc it seems that the only time I ever crave sweets is when nursing. Let me know how it goes.

    1. that’s weird (the nursing part).

      yeah i think using artificial sweetners make me crave sugar even more…so trying to cut those out too. wheeee….

  2. Awesome! I sooooo need to cut out sugar. And bitching. Erika and I are (meagerly successfully) practicing “Peace and Love 2012”. Just saying it helps us to quit whining, mostly because it sounds ridiculous

    1. yeah, our rule about bitching is: no bitching unless you have an accomplishable action item to follow it up with. so we’re only allowed to bitch about things we can fix…if we promise to go fix them afterwards.

      i could def get down with peace and love. totally for both of them.

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