Now that basketball season has come to a victorious close, Lexington is settling back into normality…which means no more wearing Kentucky hoodies to work (dammit).

With all the basketball hoopla (pun intended) dominating everything, what else has gone on?

Well, 2 weeks ago I got food poisoning that almost killed me.  I couldn’t move for 2 days, and the morning I finally did make it out of the house a bird took a massive s**t on my head and new shoes.  So that week sucked.

Paul took a break from stressing about boards to bottle his beer…which makes him so happy.

We are storing the bottles in the closet in our guest room for the 2 remaining weeks until it’s drinkable.  I made the mistake of opening the closet door the other day and Paul FLIPPED about exposing the bottles to light.  So if you come visit, don’t do that.

Training picked up a lot for me the week after I was sick (Hawaii is less than 2 months away…), which has been great but tiring.  I’ve also been running really slowly lately, which is rough.  Not sure why.  But, plodding on…

Oh, and I baked a cake for the Louisville game.

Strawberries on the inside, blueberries on top (because blue dominates red, of course.)  It was ugly but delicious.  I more or less ate the whole thing in a single go (might have something to do with my slower runs.)

Exciting stuff.  Back to the grind.

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