Grow grow grow

So, first, some less than stellar news (for me, at least).  I woke up Thursday so sick that I was not able to drive down to Florida with Allison for the race this weekend.  So for me, the race is off, which is a bummer.  But what can you do.

Now, onto the good news.


They say in Kentucky that you shouldn’t plant anything in the ground until after Derby (first weekend of May).  We had some crazy warm weather for most of the month of March, followed by sub-freezing nights last few weeks.  When the warm weather stuck around for so long, a coworker of mine who likes to talk horticulture with me decided to disregard the Derby rule this year and planted his tomatoes in his gardenbed.  Last week his tomatoes took a turn for the worse.

So, as much as a rail on Paul’s greenhouses, his most recent one seems to be doing the job and these little plants seem to be loving their new pots.  Check out those basils.

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