On the road again…

April 25, 2012 § 2 Comments

This has become a pretty common view over the past few weeks.  Georgia last weekend for Molly’s sendoff, and this past weekend out to the west coast for something totally different.

A bachelorette party for Alix in a particularly ridiculous house in Hood River, OR.

That’s Alix.  And yes, those are her sheep.

While a weekend trip to Oregon did mean a little travel time (total: 12 hours on the way out, about 36 hours there, and a 14 hour trip home), it also meant a little bit of this:

(believe it or not, that picture took 3 tries to get us to look “normal”)

…and this:

(a nice little/pretty strenuous hike up to where the hills are alive with Mt Hood in the distance)

…and this:

(which resulted in pretty much everyone being completely fried the rest of the trip)

…and this:


…and a lot of other stuff that I don’t have pictures of yet–including, but not limited to, an afterparty with an up-and-coming boy band (“we’ve never had girls just come up and talk to us before!”) and karaoke at a bar with a guy named Frijoles.  I may end up posting a few pictures as they come in if there are any particularly amazing ones.

So, despite getting home at 2:30am on Monday morning and having to go to work the next day, then traveling to Louisville on Tuesday & Wednesday for a conference, which resulted in me getting sick today, the day before I head to Florida with Allison for our first race of the season (where I fully plan to rub bike tires with Lance Armstrong), it was clearly worth it.  There’s nothing like spending a weekend with old friends.  My body might be tired, but my soul is rejuvenated.

So tomorrow we drive to St. Anthony’s.  Long ride.  It’s a big race for Allison, but considering the state I’m currently in I’m hoping to make it through without hacking up a lung.  So send fast vibes her way.

Also, one additional bonus the weekend: the weather on Sunday was RIDICULOUS, making for really spectacular sights like this from the airplane window:

(Mt Hood, I think)

Can’t really complain.


§ 2 Responses to On the road again…

  • Alix says:

    Wish we were still on the top of that hill in the sunshine! Thank you for all the crazy travel you did to be there!!! xoxoxoxox

    • meh says:

      no way! it was a blast. i blame southwest airlines and the city of chicago for my travel woes. SO EXCITED for the wedding!

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