On the road again…

This has become a pretty common view over the past few weeks.  Georgia last weekend for Molly’s sendoff, and this past weekend out to the west coast for something totally different.

A bachelorette party for Alix in a particularly ridiculous house in Hood River, OR.

That’s Alix.  And yes, those are her sheep.

While a weekend trip to Oregon did mean a little travel time (total: 12 hours on the way out, about 36 hours there, and a 14 hour trip home), it also meant a little bit of this:

(believe it or not, that picture took 3 tries to get us to look “normal”)

…and this:

(a nice little/pretty strenuous hike up to where the hills are alive with Mt Hood in the distance)

…and this:

(which resulted in pretty much everyone being completely fried the rest of the trip)

…and this:


…and a lot of other stuff that I don’t have pictures of yet–including, but not limited to, an afterparty with an up-and-coming boy band (“we’ve never had girls just come up and talk to us before!”) and karaoke at a bar with a guy named Frijoles.  I may end up posting a few pictures as they come in if there are any particularly amazing ones.

So, despite getting home at 2:30am on Monday morning and having to go to work the next day, then traveling to Louisville on Tuesday & Wednesday for a conference, which resulted in me getting sick today, the day before I head to Florida with Allison for our first race of the season (where I fully plan to rub bike tires with Lance Armstrong), it was clearly worth it.  There’s nothing like spending a weekend with old friends.  My body might be tired, but my soul is rejuvenated.

So tomorrow we drive to St. Anthony’s.  Long ride.  It’s a big race for Allison, but considering the state I’m currently in I’m hoping to make it through without hacking up a lung.  So send fast vibes her way.

Also, one additional bonus the weekend: the weather on Sunday was RIDICULOUS, making for really spectacular sights like this from the airplane window:

(Mt Hood, I think)

Can’t really complain.

2 thoughts on “On the road again…

  1. Wish we were still on the top of that hill in the sunshine! Thank you for all the crazy travel you did to be there!!! xoxoxoxox

    1. no way! it was a blast. i blame southwest airlines and the city of chicago for my travel woes. SO EXCITED for the wedding!

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