Facecake and Bourbon

I’ve been in a funk for a while.  Today, I decided to attempt to break out of it.  How?

Step one: bake a cake of someone’s face.

…and then proceed to eat the whole thing by yourself over the course of the workday.

That is my coworker and his facecake.  Today is his last day of work, which is the actual reason that I baked the cake, even though his departure and the consequent onslaught of work crap that is rapidly heading my direction is probably contributing directly to my level of funk.

Coworker’s departure also means a new cube addition.

Yup.  Fish abandonment.  At least my tree has a friend now.


Step 2: Make up a new training schedule.

Despite being signed up for 2 races in the next month, I’ve been doing completely unstructured, haphazard training since Hawaii.  And while I’m not looking to go back to 17 hours of training a week, a little structure sometimes helps keep you going.

That’s right.  You know who to turn to when you need some structure.

I have been talking to J and my sister in law about potentially running a half marathon sometime this fall.  So this morning, 3 pieces of facecake deep, I decided to brush off the good ol’ Hal Higdon training guide and integrate it into my current schedule of yoga and swimming.

I’m seriously considering shooting for a full marathon sometime in the spring (my sister and bro in law just signed up for the Catalina Island Conservancy Marathon, which would be hilly and brutal and AWESOME), but with all the running injuries I dealt with this season I’m going to stick with a halves for now and see where they take me.


We also just received our leg assignments for the Bourbon Chase.  I’m leg #12, which means I get to carry the team across the finish line in dramatic fashion.  Score.

In handing out the leg assignments the race directors also let us know that they had to change the route for two legs of the course due to the Burgoo Festival in Lawrenceburg and the Ham Days Festival in Lebanon, where they auction off grand champion hams.

Bring on the burgoo.

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