Winter Chill

It’s not winter yet, but this weekend it was officially cold out.  Early morning temps dipped down to the mid-30s.  Yes.  30s.  I volunteered at a race on Sunday morning, about 45 minutes post-race start it was still 37 degrees outside.  I was not-so-secretly thrilled that I wasn’t riding on the bike soaking wet.

So aside from wrapping your tiny dog in blankets, what else do you do when the weather gets cold?  Winterize your chicken coop, of course.

Above is the summer-time chicken coop.   But after some hard work…

…BOOM.  Winterized Chicken Coop.

I know, we should consider quitting our day jobs.

Paul and I spent Sunday afternoon constructing this masterpiece.   We debated putting some more insulation on there, but eventually decided that the chickens are plenty insulated as long as we can block most of the wind from howling through their little coop.  We’ll see if the roof survives the first real storm.

The girls, however, apparently love their new abode, because one of them gifted us with the MOTHER of all eggs yesterday.  Remember how our normal eggs are so big we can’t close a regular egg crate when we put them in there?

Well.  This happened yesterday.

That poor chicken.

It was a weird shape, too, almost a perfect oval, instead of having an obvious top and bottom.  No idea why that happened, but I’m going to say it’s the new roof + all the spinach we’ve been feeding them lately.  Unless an ostrich snuck in there yesterday and dropped it off.

In non-chicken related news, Bourbon Chase starts tomorrow!  I’m driving to Louisville tonight to pick up Jen from the airport because she joined our team last minute and is very excited about the Burgoo Festival.  I don’t think she’s ever tried squirrel before.  SUPERRR FUN!  Hopefully fun enough to make me forget that I’ve only run once in the past 3 weeks.  Yeah.


3 thoughts on “Winter Chill

  1. i want to eat spike he’s so cute. i can’t believe i haven’t met him yet. and i’d also like to eat that ginormous egg.

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