Tired of these titles yet?  Never realized there was SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT when it comes to eggs, did you?

Maybe because I hadn’t seen a store-bought egg in a while, but I didn’t realize how much bigger ours were.  When you put them next to each other (these are cage-free, vegetarian store bought eggs), R&Ms eggs look enormous.  You can’t even get the carton closed.

Speaking of food and fatness, since Hawaii I haven’t really been working out.  But now that I have more time in the mornings, I figured I would walk or ride my bike to work every day (haven’t driven once since I got back) and that would make up for it.

Turns out one hour of walking a day does not equal 3 hours of intense cardio in terms of calories burned.  Weird.

my “cardio” the past 3 weeks

So anyway, because I wasn’t totally stoked on my performance in Hawaii, I had been seriously considering doing another 70.3 in September at Cedar Point.  It’s a Rev3 event, and the race is supposed to be fun, the course is flat, and it’s not too far to travel.  I gave myself a week off to think it over.

One week turned into three and a half weeks, and yesterday I finally admitted to myself that I a.) was officially out of shape, and b.) didn’t really want to put in the training for another long race.  There’s something to be said for coming home after work and being like oh, guess what, I’m going to go for a short run, cook dinner, and watch 3 straight hours of Pretty Little Liars instead of a 2 hour ride on the trainer followed by TRX.

To counteract my feelings of extreme lardiness, I decided to sign up for something small, just to get me off my butt.  Good thing the Bluegrass 10K is next week!

An even better thing is my friend J is running it and is looking to hold a pace that I should theoretically be able to hang with.  So we’re going to “pace” each other.  (ie, I’m going to try to keep up and try not to barf all over/embarrass myself.)  I’m hoping my long taper and the superhuman eggs will give me some superhuman speed.

J has also issued a finish line photo contest, like the one we had at MiM.  Lucky for her, this happens to be my specialty.

If we do manage to finish together, it could be epic.

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