Spike’s duvet is out.  We had our first frost this week.  You know what that means.

Harvest time!

This year wasn’t a spectacular one for the garden.  I blame the extreme summer heat and, largely, neglect on my part.  But it wasn’t a total bust.

Things that took off this year:

The basil.  Holy cow, the basil.  Granted, we did start out with quite a few basil plants.

All of those tiny squares along the left side are little basil plants.  Like the edamame of last year, Paul planted basil in pretty much any empty patch of dirt he could find around on our property.  Unlike the edamame, these plants did not get run over with a lawnmower.  And they EXPLODED.  Big beautiful leaves.  We put it on everything.

Anyway, enough about the basil.  Next up:

Compared to our other crops, tomatoes did relatively well.  We got a few batches of about 30 tomatoes, though they were all pint-sized, misshapen Roma.  Oh well, lesson learned.  Next year we need better variety.

Other herbs that survived include the rosemary:

The oregano:

And, comeback herb of the year goes to…

PARSLEY!  I know it doesn’t look like much, but you should see what he looked like in August.  Way to go, buddy.

Finally we have the beets.

Though these were ready to go last year in July, we haven’t given up hope yet.

Things that just couldn’t hang:

Kale fail.  Something is eating it.  Our cilantro, string beans, and like 3 kinds of peppers that we planted all met an early death as well.

And, of course, our lawn corn.

It grew taller but, much to Paul’s chagrin, stopped at that height and has yet to produce any corn.   Again.  Corn Fail #2.

The oregano and rosemary is relocating to inside the house for the winter, with the hopes that it’ll get enough sun and Nerlens won’t eat them (he’s already started eating the small tree we have growing by the front window.)

Supercat the Tree Eater

Next year we’ll give the veggies a little more love.

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