Family Photo


Like every year, the holidays roll around and I start going through pictures from the year to find one for a card and realize that we haven’t taken a single normal picture together all year.

Time to rally the troops for a family pic.


Last year there were only three of us.


The weather was nice, the sun was shining…easy.

This year, there are

And in addition to having our dog wear a bow tie (thank you, Marsha), Paul decided he wanted everyone in the picture.



This probably goes without saying, but trying to look not just calm, but happy while having a dog, cat, and chicken(s) sitting with you on the same bench is…yeah.

It was also about to seriously storm outside (it hailed again yesterday), so we were on a tight schedule.

Aside from one minor incident where everyone got loose (Spike went after Romy and clamped down on her butt feathers and wouldn’t let go, the cat just laid there and watched while chaos ensued)  we managed to get something.  I may look a little special, but at least we’re all (minus Michelle and Tom Brady) on there.  Success on some level.

IMG_5282practice shot before we brought in the chickens

Happy Holidays.

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