Glass Trees


Because of where we sit geographically, Kentucky is prone to ice storms.  Last night they were predicting nasty weather, so of course that’s all anyone was talking about in the office.  I started saying that I thought the ice storm I experienced the first winter we moved here (2010) was the most beautiful thing ever.  My co-workers were like, uh, we haven’t had an ice storm since 2009 (and it was bad, people lost electricity for over a week, trees were falling on houses…).  Apparently what I had experienced was just freezing rain (which, btw, is different than sleet).  Stupid Californian.


Anyway, we had more freezing rain last night.  Despite that, the roads and sidewalks weren’t too icy, and the air actually wasn’t too cold (in the 30s), so this morning I headed out for a run into a glass wonderland.  Everything is covered in a perfect layer of ice.  In the dark, with the street lights illuminating the twinkling trees, it’s kind of magical.


I’ll tell you who doesn’t think it’s magical.


And they let us know by laying another rubber egg this morning.  Eff.  We need to figure out what’s going on.

And, totally off topic, I’ve been watching this video over and over and over this week.

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