The Lull


The post-holiday hangover.  Dead Christmas trees littering the sidewalks.  Holiday lights and ornaments still hanging in windows seem like desperate hangers-on.  And on my run Saturday morning (first real run of the new year…whattup!)…


Snowman carnage.  Misshappen, anorexic-looking snowman families with missing limbs.  Everywhere.

Fortunately, I had my new running shoes to keep things bright (another pair of Mizuno Wave Riders).  6 miles, no music, no podcasts, no buddies, in the cold.  And it was nice.

So, a new year.  New races?

So far this year I am signed up for one race: the NYC Half Marathon.

I signed up to run with a friend, who wanted someone to pace her to break 2 hours.  It was a lottery.  I got in, she didn’t.  I mainly signed up for the trip to NYC, so I’m still going.  We’re still figuring out who will actually use my number.

But in terms of BIG races, nothing on the docket yet.  I was a little burned out after Hawaii, and to be honest don’t really have the $$ to do another race of that magnitude.  But I’m giving myself until March to make a decision about another 70.3.

I would really like to improve my running speed, finally do a real half marathon PR, and maybe sign up for a few fun open water races (that, hopefully, I would actually get to race.)

Other than that, work is busy, just putting my head down and hibernating until spring arrives.


Hello, 2013.

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