Austin, Massachusetts


Got back yesterday from the first awesome trip I’ve taken for work (besides Harlan, Kentucky): SXSW (just the multimedia/tech part, not the music.)

It was in the 70s and sunny, there were tacos and BBQ, some of the talks were really, really awesome (Elon Musk, Tina Eisenberg, Joe Peacock, Matthew Inman…) and they showed us some pretty awesome stuff (like this), and one company had bananas you could play Ode To Joy on like a piano (you just touched the banana and it played a note.)  I mean really, what more could you ask for.

IMG_20130311_143114IMAG3095-2IMG_20130314_104846IMG_20130309_174338IMG_20130314_104643Guess what my favorite food truck was.

The only problem was I left Paul alone for almost a whole week with the farm.  Glad to report there were no casualties.


And now that I’m back from a week of BBQ and tacos and no exercise…tomorrow I am off to NYC!!  3 hour half marathon here I come.


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