Okie dokie artichokie


Someone else is happy that the sun is out.

In addition to the garden and general happiness, this time of year is usually when training starts ramping up for the season.  Obviously, not this year.

So apparently now the baby is the size of an artichoke.


This explains why my training has been super limited the past 4+ months.  And why there have been no posts about beer.  And why, with my last half marathon, I had to stop to pee 5x.  And why Vanessa and Emily were kind enough to join me for the second half of NYC.

And this:


I was preg during the Smokey Mountain half and didn’t know it.  I’m blaming the baby for that sufferfest.

So what’s the plan?  Whelp, no more Ironman races for me this summer.  Or triathlons.  Or half marathons (my abs after NYC were sore for like a week).

Aside from lifting the ice cream spoon to my mouth, I’m going to keep wogging (walk/jogging) as long as I can.  And I cannot wait for the outdoor pools to open next month.  That is where I plan on spending most of the summer.


Oh, and I have been booted from my yoga class, per the instructor’s request, until August.  So long, peacock.  We had a good run, I’m sure we’ll be back at square one when I return.

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