Spring Game


Go ahead and add the Spring Game to chicken livers, mudding, frog giggin, and everything else on the growing list of Things In Kentucky That Don’t Make Sense To Me.

This Saturday was the Spring Game, or the football team’s first intramural scrimmage of the year.  This is how it works: people start tailgaiting around 9am.  Then, at 7pm, 50,000 people file into the stadium to watch UK play…itself.  And when there is a first down, or a touchdown, everyone cheers.  Even though we are also defense, and just got scored on.


It makes no sense to me at all.  And every time someone dropped a pass, everyone was like, “Whelp, good thing they’ve got another 7 months of practice before the first game.”

Whatever.  I guess the life lesson here is: never turn down an opportunity to tailgate.


Go Cats.

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