Going back, going back…


First, I would like to thank everyone for their condolences for Michele.  The outpouring of love has been remarkable, she would have been so touched.

This weekend I went back to college for our 10 year reunion.


Reunions are weird.IMAG3557-1

And not just because sometimes things like that happen.

It is so fantastically awesome to see old friends249189_10151509728107732_509666382_n

and hit up old hangouts


in a place you used to call home.

But it’s weird to feel that connection, those little emotional tugs you have as you walk down certain hallways and see certain people, and simultaneously distanced from what now feels like another life.


I always walk away from that blur of a weekend (and yes, it’s a blur, even when you are dead sober for the whole thing) physically and emotionally exhausted, part of me wishing it had lasted longer, that (some of us) had more time to spend together, but also slightly relieved that I survived and we don’t have 3 more days of graduation festivities go through.

Because now we are old.  And I could definitely not handle that (I could barely handle it 10 years ago).

IMG_20130603_202634the chapel, ready for baccalaureate

Getting older is strange.

IMG_20130603_202752graduation seats ready to go, from the stage at nassau hall

So while it’s nice to be home and sleeping in my own bed, I’m already missing people and counting the days to the next time we see each other.  Even if it’s not for another 5 years at our 15th.  I’ll definitely be back.

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