Monday Monday

IMG_20130613_205414hula greeter at the autoshop in the late afternoon sun. 

Glorious Monday!

8am.  In the office kitchen minding my own business, making myself some breakfast, when my coworker walks in.  She takes one look at me, points to the breakfast  I’m mixing together and, with a completely appalled look on her face:

“What.  Is that.”
“Oh, it’s just plain yogurt and some dry cereal mixed together.”
“What is that stuff?”
“Yeah, like strawberry jelly. I mix a little in there too because plain yogurt by itself is…well, plain.”
“Yeah.  It looks horrible.”

…says the woman who introduced me to chitlins and chicken livers, which look like this:

cooked-chitlinsi chose the most appetizing picture of chitlins i could find, you’re welcome

Great week ahead!

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