Stormy 4th


This summer has been unusually cool and rainy…not that my fat, pregnant butt is complaining.  At all.  The skies here have been pretty spectacular.   But yesterday…the skies opened up.

I love the 4th of July here in Kentucky.  The Bluegrass 10K is my favorite run of the year.  It’s usually brutally hot.


This year, it was 70 degrees and we were on a flash flood watch.  All. day. long.  Thanks to an old back injury, I can’t walk more than like half a mile at a time right now.  So I didn’t even go cheer on the runners.  Tragic.

BUT!  A day off work is a day off work.  And as soon as the pools opened I was there, despite the downpour.  And I was the only one.  (I felt kind of bad that the guards had to sit in the chair just for me, until one of them told me that they had been fighting over who got to sit because the other option was cleaning the bathroom.)

The swim was long and smooth and wonderful…aside from the fact that I have a completely irrational fear when I’m alone in a big, empty pool that somehow a shark will get in and attack me.  ???  I know.  One of the many reasons I could never do an actual channel swim in the middle of the night across the real ocean.  I had actually completely forgotten about this until today, when I experienced a minor panic attacks during the first 1000 of my workout.  It makes no sense at all.


But I really love swimming outside in the rain.  Floating underwater listening to the drops land on the surface of the undisturbed pool most soothing thing in the world…until the guard walks over because he’s worried the pregnant lady just passed out in the shallow end.

Anyway, the rest of the day looked like this:

IMG_20130704_163101 IMG_20130704_192756

4 hours on the couch with the cat watching The Sopranos.   And I baked some cookies.

There are worse ways to spend a rainy afternoon.

Happy 4th.

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