Our doors may not be closing completely because the wood is swollen, I may have almost killed myself sliding down the ramp in our yard because it is covered in moss, and Nerlens may have spent the last week making a racket on the back porch because he was confined to sitting under the overhang…but all this rain has been good for something:


Surprise!  Our heirloom tomatoes are orange this year.  At least they’re not all tiny deformed roma.  One of the perks of taking random plants from the in-laws.

I know that doesn’t look like a whole lot of bounty, because it’s not (though, to be fair, we accidentally pulled up like 6 pre-mature radish plants before we realized they were radishes and not weeds.  Who knew the tops of radishes grew to be like 2 feet tall with flowers?)  But things this year are looking much better than things did in the brutal heat of last year.

img_20120713_091438last year

And things been blooming kind of consistently, in a staggered way for some reason.  So we’re having a steady stream of veggies.

Next: learn how to cook turnips.  Because Paul planted like 30 of them.

…and the excitement continues…

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