An object at rest

Time for a little science.  Let’s go back to high school physics.

Force =  Mass x Acceleration


A = F/M

So, what happens when mass gets bigger:


…and force gets smaller?


This.  Acceleration rapidly approaches zero.  Add some 90 degree heat with humidity on top of that, and you may actually experience negative speed.

And, as usually happens when I sit on the couch in my sweats for extended periods of time (see: here and here and here), running a marathon suddenly seems like a SUPER FUN idea and I want to sign up for a race.  Or 10.  I know it won’t happen for a while, considering I can’t even jogsuffle across the street right now, but I’ve started putting together a potential list of races for next year.

Speaking of moving, the Oatmeal just published one of his best posts yet (which is saying something) about why he runs long distances.   Worth the read.

But for now, it’s more of this:IMG957983

And swimming, swimming, swimming as long as I can.  Just about a month to go.

In the meantime…find a way to silence your Blerches.

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