IMG_20130905_203636oh heeeeey

So, obviously I lied.  More on the baby was not coming sooner.  It was coming much later.

I may have started making to-do lists that extend beyond getting out of my pajamas at some point during the day, but that doesn’t mean any of it actually gets done.  Ever.

So, babycakes has been a little slow gaining weight.

IMG_20130905_134211_264teeny tiny

Nothing terrible, but she’s a little behind the curve, which means we are on a strict feeding regimen.

So I feed.  Then pump.  Then supplement her with the pumped milk.  Then feed and feed and feed some more.  Then pump.  Every 2.5 hours.  Which, when you take into account that each feeding/pumping session takes about an hour, means max 90 minutes free in between at a time. All day.  And night.  YEAH.  (Though during the day, she has been demanding food every hour and a half or so.  I have no idea how a creature that small, with a stomach the size of an almond, can consume that much liquid.)

20130901_110358if only cupcakes were an option

Initially I was like, man, maternity leave is going to be AWESOME.  I’ll get up in the morning, we’ll go for long walks and get coffee, I’ll have extra time to read and blog and be productive…until I realized that if I want to get coffee, that means I have to want to stay awake.  Which so far I have not.  And if I want to go for a long walk the baby has to be cool not eating on demand every hour or so.  Which she isn’t.  And blogging/being productive requires (at least a few) neurons to be firing.  Which they have not been.

IMG_20130906_191610dad getting his supplemental feeding time in

And so the valuable days of maternity leave (or, since my office doesn’t have maternity leave, all of my vacation and accrued sick leave that I am currently using up) tick by, with me spending the majority of my time sitting, exhausted and milk-soaked, in my rocking chair, baby in hand, hooked up to a pump, zoning out to the WAH-wah-WAH-wah-WAH-wah of the machine, dreaming of what we’re GOING to do just as soon as things calm down.

At least I have some good company.


In the meantime, I’m going to keep researching marathons for next year.

4 thoughts on “Moo

  1. Everybody has that idea about maternity leave…and then reality strikes! But things do rapidly improve, and you will be in a more reasonable routine soon. And may I say that she is a gorgeous little thing? Absolute perfection!

  2. Ahhh I finally just caught up on your blog! LOVE it; all of it. Today I didn’t leave the house (like, legitimately didn’t open a door that led towards the outdoors), and I also didn’t change out of my pajamas [as in, it’s almost 9PM and I’m (still) ready for bed]. BUT, will you sign up for the SB Marathon for NEXT November? Let’s do it together; Paul and Tim and the babies can cheer 🙂

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