Just kidding!  I love October!  It’s fall!  Who doesn’t love fall?  It means football.  Pumpkin beer.  Nice weather. Keeneland!  What isn’t to like.  Except this year it does mean…

20 days until I go back to work.  20 days until I don’t spend every second with this thing.


Here’s to hoping we can nail down a sleep schedule in the next 20 days.  Ha.

Also, in case you missed it, a new world record was set at the Berlin Marathon this weekend.  2:03:23, breaking the old record by 15 seconds.  (If you’re wondering, that’s averaging 4:42/mile.  What.  The.  Eff.)

The Science of Sport was tweeting a real time analysis of the race.  Seriously amazing.

Speaking of schmucks, ignore the dude promoting a prostitution website who jumped in front of Kipsang at the marathon, broke the tape, and ruined the finish line pic.


Like, really.

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