Happy weekend

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Guess who was 2 months old yesterday.

It has been one of those weeks.  Baby (and I) have regularly required 3 daily wardrobe changes due to her pooing up her back (I think it may be time to move out of newborn diapers).  Paul worked the weekend shift, then had to travel for residency interviews, and then worked the night shift.  I dropped my phone in the toilet.  This morning after I got up to feed at 4am, Paul was trying to be nice and took the baby and tucked me in with Spike to let me get a little more sleep, and 10 minutes later the dog threw up in the bed.  Etc, etc.

BUT!   As I sit here pumping away I can’t help but revel in the moment, because…

today my sister is coming to visit and meet the baby for the first time.


And Paul doesn’t have to work at all this weekend.  And the weather is ab-so-lutely glorious. And we’re going to a BBQ and then the KY-Alabama football game and then tomorrow the races.  Soooooo…the past week, compared to this, is nothing.

Enjoy your weekend!

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