Wicked Pissah


Someone went to Boston for the first time and got a hat for the occasion.  First time on a plane.  First time out of Kentucky.  First time meeting family.  First time with the duck boats.

Despite a few massive BMs when going through security, she was a champ during both flights.

20131130_160047danger TSA, explosions likely

This was a trip to see family, so it involved lots of chaos and yelling (happy yelling, that’s just how this side of the family talks to each other) and food and, of course, beeah and the Pats.


(At one point Paul actually asked me, “Wait, why is there a Dunkin Donuts on every corner?”)

HH also got to meet her great granny.


They bonded over not having any teeth.

Now we’re back in Kentucky, it is really dark and really rainy and I am feeling really uninspired (if that isn’t obvious).   ALTHOUGH!  The office advent calendar is out again!  Of course!  Right next to my desk!  Because it’s Advent!  Which means every morning there is a gathering right by the entrance to my cube.

This morning’s gathering turned into a verbal confrontation between a Catholic coworker and another coworker who is the wife of a Baptist minister.  Apparently the Catholic woman stole the Jesus out of the Baptist woman’s nativity scene that she set up by her desk, because Jesus hasn’t been born yet.  This is the ADVENT.  We’re waiting and preparing.

Anyway, the theme for this year’s calendar?


Angry birds.  I built the green pig.

More energy to follow.

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