Town hall in Hunfeld, Germany (where the advent calendar tradition started) where they use the actual windows of the house as the advent calendar. 

At 8:15 this morning one of my coworkers came bounding up to my desk, big box in hand, smile on face, and giddily told me, “Just FYI, we set up an advent calendar on this file cabinet here right by your desk every year, so for the next 24 days people will be gathering here every morning to watch it get opened.”

Sure enough, everyone and their mother came by my desk this morning to admire it and get REALLY EXCITED.  The theme this year?   Star Wars Legos.  Because what says preparation for the Nativity of Christ more than that.

So every day has a little bag of lego pieces that build something.  And because I’m the newest one in the office, and because this daily event happens just outside the door of my cube, I was chosen to build the first one:

I think it is some sort of ship (?)

I won’t lie, there were a lot of little pieces and with everyone watching me try to figure out how to put it together, I did experience some performance anxiety.  But in the end, I prevailed.

Hello, December.

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