Roundup: Week 3

Week 3

Well, this should be short.

Monday: nothing

Tuesday: nothing

Wednesday: nothing

Thursday: nothing

Friday: 2000 straight, easy swim

Saturday: 4 miles on the TM

Sunday: USMS postal swim, 4,650 yards

Last week I got sick after Sunday practice.   It knocked me totally out of the game through Wednesday.  I barely made it out of bed, let alone to work, let alone to work out.  However, the 4 mile easy run on Saturday felt surprisingly awesome considering how crappy I felt all week (probably because I was heavily tapered for it.)

This means a shift in schedule for this week: moving my long (5 mile) run to Monday (today), then bumping my shorter runs to Wednesday and Friday, followed by my 6 miler on Sunday instead of Saturday.  Then back to regularly scheduled programming next week.

In other news…

Paul: Guess what today’s theme is?
Me: Uuuuhh….


But this time of year, I guess you just embrace brightness and color wherever you can get it.


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