Roundup: Week 6

week 6

Monday: nothing (I’ve been sticking with keeping Mondays off, even though I feel fine most Mondays.  Mentally it’s nice to start the week without a workout hanging over my head.  Plus I really like having a little more time after work to get all the crap I inevitably did not do Sunday ready for the rest of the week).

Tuesday: 4 miles on the TM.  Got a TV  but…it was Watch What Happens Live, one of the very few Bravo shows I can’t stand.   Bummer.

Wednesday: nothing

Thursday: 4 miles on the TM and ANOTHER Watch What Happens Live with the Vanderpump group…did you know that Kristen lied and really DID cheat on Tom with Jax last summer and now Tom is dating ARIANA?? omg nfw stfu.  (I really need to pay more attention to the Bravo schedule so this never happens again)

Friday: 2K super quick swim (main set: 5 x 200 @ 2:40, 2:35, 2:30, 2:35, 2:40)

Saturday: flew to BOSTON!  …and of course my flight got delayed then cancelled then rescheduled, so nothing happened on the workout front.

Sunday: 8 (ish) slow, slippery, sloppy miles along the Charles.  I dragged Emily along with me.  About an hour in she was really happy with her decision to come.


…and we’re halfway there!  6 weeks to go.

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