Roundup: Week 7

week 7

Monday: nothing.

Tuesday: 4 treacherous, treacherous miles outside.  It rained Monday night and was super sunny Tuesday morning, so I was like, awesome!  This is going to be awesome!

Then the sidewalks looked like this:


And the roads, though clear, were COVERED in secret, killer black ice.  Ugh.  Like, seriously.  Enough with the ice.

Wednesday: family walk to the rugby field

I know, forward-facing carrying is controversial.  But she hates facing inward and loves facing outward and we all got to enjoy the sunset.


No filter needed.

Thursday: 6 miles outside before work and it was a balmy, cloudy 60ish degrees at 7am.  My favorite kind of running weather.  Really, truly glorious.  Felt like spring.


Friday: 2K super quick swim (same main set as last week, becoming my quick go-to 2K workout set: 5 x 200 @ 2:40, 2:35, 2:30, 2:35, 2:40

Saturday: 9 miles outside on a crisp, clear morning.  No ice to dodge.  It felt so great to just go.


Sunday: 5+ hours working at the Maher Mile Masters meet.  I was hoping I could squeak into a later heat, but no room and no time for me to swim.  Wah wah.  I thought about doing a mile swim for time sometime this coming week in solidarity with everyone who raced in the meet, but…..yeeeah.  We’ll see.

11 thoughts on “Roundup: Week 7

  1. I see no prob w forward facing.,. There are always haters and critics! Maybe if your child was in that position all day every day it might have some effect on some kids… But don’t worry about it!!! 🙂 love.

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