Roundup: Week 9

Week 9

Since I shortened my long run last week, my long runs are now bumped back a week and the longest I’m going to end up doing will be 11 miles this coming weekend (as opposed to 12.)  Which is fine.   As I’ve mentioned before, Hal Higdon’s beginner plans have 10 miles as your longest run before a half.  I think I’ll be fine.

Monday: nada

Tuesday: 4 miles on the TM before work…it was gross out

Wednesday: nothing (this is bad, I’ve been ignoring Wednesday cross training pretty consistently)

Thursday: 6 miles on the TM at lunch…Real Housewives of NYC is back on!

Friday: 1500 swim straight.  At the Y.  I literally had half an hour to do something (including getting showered and dressed).  So I did what I could.

Saturday: 10 miles first thing in the morning.  Outside.  I was dreading it.  It wasn’t bad at all.

Sunday: 2100 swim at the Y (swim meet at the pool in the morning).  Almost didn’t go, was good that I got in at all.  Main set: 5 x 100 @ 1:15.  Just to get the blood flowing.

As of Thursday the ice is gone…I don’t want to say the S word and jinx it, but fingers crossed that it is just around the corner…

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