Flying Solo

FxCam_1297975544963so lonely

Last week it became official: the three (nameless) individuals who I was supposed to run races with this spring (both Run the Bluegrass and the SLO Half) have, for various reasons, all backed out.

So I spent a lot of last week on the fence.  The weather was crappy.  Work was busy.  Shins were hurting.  I was exhausted.  Motivation was very low.  Training for 13 miles started to seem stupid.

On Thursday I made a deal with myself.  I would suck it up and do the 10 mile run on Saturday.  If I had any hip, knee, or shin pain, I would skip RTBG, mellow out on the longer runs for the next week or two, and re-evaluate for SLO.

Saturday morning I woke up really grouchy, not wanting to run at. all.  But (after a lot of bitching…sorry Paul), out I trudged.

The weather was…great.  And the run felt good.  Almost easy.

So for now, we’re sticking with the plan.  Sometimes flying solo isn’t a bad thing.


2 thoughts on “Flying Solo

  1. Hey! I never said I wouldn’t run it with you! I just haven’t trained. I flat out don’t have time…I am so impressed/proud/envious that you’re ready!

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