Roundup: Week 10

IMG_20140317_124443winter, winter, go away…

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 4 miles outside after work.  weather was BEAUTIFUL.

Wednesday: icy rain and sleet…nothing…again…

Thursday: 6 miles on the TM before work

Friday: 2.5 mile walk from my house to the inlaws to pick up HH…paul took the car for a trip up to visit some friends

Saturday: 8(ish) miles outside.  70 degrees.  sunny.  absolutely gorgeous.  was supposed to be 11 miles, but with paul gone got crunched on time.  just didn’t have 11 in me.

Sunday: freezing rain again, followed by snow.  coached at UK.  didn’t swim.  lame.

Weak week in terms of training.   Any sort of cross training just went straight out the window.  But between the weather being all over the place and Paul being gone and just general exhaustion, that’s what I got.  At least over the weekend I had some help with the laundry.


Life lesson learned today:  do not bake a loaf of chocolate chip pumpkin bread “for the office” on Sunday night and then work from home on Monday when your kitchen is barren of any other food.  Your loaf will never make it to Tuesday.  Or the office.

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